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Hotel Del Mar

Rooms - Hotel Del Mar

  • €56
    Standard Double Room

    The standard rooms at DelMar Hotel are sophisticated and elegant. Bright and airy thanks to the high ceilings and tall windows, they capture Mamaia's beautiful view. We welcome our guests to enjoy their stay in our exquisitely designed standard rooms that will make the most of your travel experience at DelMar. Room facilities:

  • €68
    Executive Double Room

    Located on the 4th and 5th floor, guests are welcomed to enjoy their stay in our sophisticated and elegant executive rooms. Thank to the floor-to-ceiling windows, these room overlook the beauty of the Black Sea. Room facilities:

  • €86
    Junior Suite

    At DelMar, Junior suites are well-appointed and spacious with an open plan layout and living area for the maximum comfort, which makes them the best choice for a family with kids or a small group of friends.Room facilities

  • €349
    Senior Suite

    We provide you 6 Senior Suites consisting of a large, sophisticated furnished bedroom with spacious sitting area. Our travelers are invited to indulge in the room's warm environment and enjoy their coffee on the suite's generous terrace. Room facilities:

  • €156
    VIP Suite

    We invite our travelers to relax and unwind in one of our bright and airy V.I.P. Suites, consisting of a large elegantly furnished sleeping area and a luminous, spacious sitting area. From the large floor-to-ceiling, you'll enjoy the captivating view of the Black Sea. Other amenities:

  • €305
    Executive Suite

    Pamper yourself in one of our executive suites consisting of sumptuously furnished living rooms and separate elegantly decorated bedrooms that offer space and seclusion; they also have a magnificent panoramic view of the Black Sea thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows. Room facilities: